DBA & EDBA Programmes

DBA & EDBA Programmes

Chief Executive Officer DBA Program 

Certificate / Diploma - DBA Chief Executive Officer
Research / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 3 semesters / 9 months

This program is intended for beginning and experienced leaders and top managers of companies and organizations. It is for those who act or want to start acting as the main person in the company responsible for its sustainable development - General Director (CEO). The course consists of eight interrelated topics, which allow doctoral students to understand the initial reasons and sources for professional activities, meanings of manager competencies, formats of organizations effective for achieving goals, determine the competitive advantages of organizations and their key personnel, to investigate thoroughly or restructure the work on the strategy of a current or future company.

Chief Digital & Executive Officer DBA Programme 

Certificate / Diploma - DBA Chief Digital & Executive Officer
Research / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 5 semesters / 15 months

The programme is a unique educational product and is offered to executives and directors in charge of managing digital technologies and digital transformation in commercial companies and government organizations. The program combines two key qualifications - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Digital Officer, the receipt of which guarantees the doctoral candidate the opportunity to occupy high leadership positions in organizations of the digital economy, while combining the most modern and effective technological and managerial competencies.

Presentation of the Doctor of Philosophy program "Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Economy"

Diploma / Certificate - PhD Sociology, Political Science, Culturology, Philosophy, Economy
Research / Distance Learning
Duration of study on the program 18 months
The course will shed light on the meaning of some basic philosophical categories of the world cultures such as good, evil, justice, religion, God, the absolute, the truth, and their perception by people in different historical periods and societies. Special attention will be paid to the historical periods of antiquity and the Middle Ages, as well as their influence on modern life. The course will provide an opportunity to understand and realize the basic cultural codes, historical and religious patterns which were and still remain the axis of the spiritual life of human societies, and without which it is impossible to get an adequate picture of modern life on Earth. The course will show the connection of the philosophical meanings of the past with the present, it will allow doctoral students to trace the continuity of some fundamental historical patterns and learn how to perceive the world without borders. Contemporary people using computers and iPhones, spending most of their time in the virtual space, are nevertheless connected with the basic categories of culture no less than people of the past. The majority of the most important decisions – from politics to private life – are made on the basis of the understanding of these categories. Their influence on our life is still tremendous.

Corporate Governance DBA Program 

Certificate / Diploma - DBA Corporate Governance
Research / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 3 semesters / 9 months

International geo-economical processes have in many ways influenced the development of corporate governance. This period was characterized by the emergence of corporate governance infrastructure in major corporations, as well as by forming of corporate legislation and development of separate elements of modern corporate practice. Previously, high profitability of mineral processing companies and favorable market conditions outweighed the drawbacks and flaws in corporate governance, and more than compensated for the lack of attention to its improvement.

Managing Innovation DBA Program

Certificate / Diploma - DBA Managing Innovation
Research / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 3 semesters / 9 months

How do you manage innovations to make sure that they get implemented in your company and do not just remain on many pages of beautifully designed booklets that your competitors could pick up to win? Optimizing costs and guaranteeing company growth or growth of a particular direction of activities are the most important questions to consider for any top manager or business owner. Optimization of costs usually starts from cutting down the number of staff, stopping promising and strategic projects, selling marginal assets, and then continues in the form of cutting down bonuses and salaries of the staff, and the marketing and advertising budget. In the conditions of economic recession the absolute majority of businesses would follow the aforementioned scenario. 

Managing Business Development DBD Program

Certificate / Diploma DBD (Doctor of Business Development)
Research / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 3 semesters / 9 months

How to achieve sustainable growth of the enterprise in the constantly evolving business environment? Some trends that will change the business are already visible. The success of a company in the near future will not be measured only by money. To stay "in the game", businesses will have to revise their corporate goals, redefine their role to the world around them. The new definition of the word "growth" includes fundamentally different metrics: indicators of personal development (training, happiness, and longevity), employee health, and reducing the harmful impact on the environment. The world is becoming cashless. Soon, personal data will be embedded in payment tools. Businesses need to expand their payment capabilities and create products that address privacy, transparency, and integrity issues. Consumption patterns are also changing. People want more flexibility and freedom in choosing purchases and services, and they want their purchases to reflect the social, environmental, and political ideas they support. Businesses need to radically change their business models and adapt them to a life-oriented design. Until now, a user-centric approach has separated people from ecosystems. Now businesses have to start looking at people as part of a large ecosystem.

Corporate Branding EDBA Program

Certificate / Diploma – EDBA Corporate Branding
Research or Project / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 3 semesters / 9 monthes

The Corporate Branding Program is based on extensive practical material, and successfully implemented branding and re-branding projects of various institutions and enterprises in the machinery sector, service enterprises of premium class, financial organizations and FCMGs. Corporate branding is presented as a strategic management tool. The program pays considerable attention to the methods and methodologies of building a model (platform) of the brand; the model of the brand and the procedures of building the model are custom-made and are not offered anywhere else in this configuration by any other authors.

Chief Executive Officer EDBA Program 

Certificate / Diploma - EDBA Chief Executive Officer
Research / Distance Learning
Program Duration: 3 semesters / 9 months

The degree of Doctor of Business Administration (abbreviated DBA or D.B.A. and equivalent to Ph.D. in Business Administration), is a highest academic degree and a research doctorate in business administration. The D.B.A. requires advanced coursework and research beyond the master-level degree that normally results in a dissertation and possible journal publication that contributes to business practice. This program is intended for the company managers in various fields and on different markets. The goal of the program is to develop independence and the ability to solve problems not at the problem level but at the level of at least three solution variants (pessimistic, real, optimistic). It focuses on the ability to reformulate problems as tasks, select and apply the necessary tools for developing decision options, formulate and present the options of managerial decisions, and then switch to their execution and control.

Dissertation for DBA/EDBA doctorates 

Each DBA/EDBA program graduate must present his/her doctoral dissertation as the main result of his/her studies in the program.

To make your work on your dissertation easier, please familiarize yourself with the applicable methodology and standards. Dedication, Acknowledgements, or Preface - Optional. Depending on your personal inclination, you may wish to include a dedication, a preface, or a set of acknowledgments. The latter are designed to recognize people or agencies to whom you feel grateful for any academic, technical, financial, or personal aid in the preparation of your thesis. As a matter of courtesy, you would ordinarily mention the members of your committee here, as well as institutions that provided funding or anyone else who helped.

Graduates of DBA/EDBA programs employment

In cooperation with partner companies the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management participates in the DBA / EDBA graduate employment and career management program.

Partner companies located in Southeast Asia and Europe are interested in highly qualified specialists. Partner companies of the Academy provide candidates with sponsor visas for the full term of the employment contracts. Full description of vacancies for graduates of DBA / EDBA programs is presented below. Employment services are available in Singapore and European Academy offices, which can be accessed by students or graduates of DBA / EDBA programs.

«PM Standard» Certification EM / DBA / EDBA

PM Standard Project management certification is a modern system of confirming qualification of project managers and specialists.

The certification system was developed to harmonize the competence requirements for the main positions and roles of project managers and specialists with the project, program and portfolio management processes and tasks, defined in ISO standards.
ISO 21500 - Guidance on project management: provides guidance for project management and provides high-level description of concepts and processes that have a significant impact on achieving process results.

Образовательный EU-NQF Стандарт для академических программ DBA / EDBA

Certification of doctoral candidates in the field of management competencies EU-NQF Standard - the European system of qualification confirmation of managers and specialists in the field of company management.

Singapore Academy of Corporate Management is an authorized provider of programs for the system of international certification of managers for the qualification standards of the European Economic Committee. The qualification assessment of the competences of managers undergoing certification is determined in accordance with the requirements and on the basis of the EU-NQF professional standard. Certification is organized in the format of passing doctoral qualification tests, digitally signed by the examinees, final issuance of certificates of the European Economic Committee, and entering information about certified specialists into the Register of Governors of the European Union.


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