Internship in MYCOM

The training program to Japan "Management of hi-tech medium-sized enterprise on the example of the company MAYEKAWA (MYCOM)". 

Academy invites doctoral candidates and graduates to pass training in Japan on a subject "Management of hi-tech medium-sized enterprise on the example of the company MAYEKAWA (MYCOM)". Host: MYCOM with the participation of Daikin (air central air). Duration of training is 10 days. Training is designed for the experts which main activities is: production and sale of various industrial compressors and other equipment for all types of industrial cold, various gas compressors and compressor systems, the equipment on development and electric power regeneration (steam expanders, steam compressors, industrial thermal pump systems, etc.) water ring pumps of a high pressure and other accompanying equipment, and packing materials. Design and equipment of plants.

Internship in MYCOM

Management of hi-tech enterprise on the example of the company MAYEKAWA (MYCOM)

Large industrial refrigeration units for various branches of the food industry, shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical branches. The equipment for air conditioning and building industry, for the automated systems of processing of foodstuff, for systems of development and electric power regeneration. Consultation, engineering support, other services. The general planning, projecting, contract works and service of plants in such branches, as agriculture, animal husbandry, processing and storage of seafood, the food, petrochemical and gas industry. In the program of training for you waits: The cultural program, visit of the museum of victims of nuclear bombing, trip on Miyadzim's sacred island; MYCOM plant visit in Hiroshima where thermal pumps and molding for compressors are issued; visit of the main office and Daykin company plant.

Acquaintance with the advanced Japanese technologies, with Japanese traditions and culture; Excursion across Kyoto and vicinities, acquaintance to history of Japan; Plant visit Moriya which is in 60 km from Tokyo in prefecture of Ibaraki and is engaged in production of industrial refrigerating appliances. Your will be addressed by the owner of the company or the chairman of the board of directors and will tell that he puts in the concept "Philosophy of Japanese Production". Tour on plant will be conducted and explanations on production technologies and production let out at plant will be made; Visit of the enterprises where the refrigerating appliances and MYCOM systems visit of milk plant of the Meiji company are operated. Visit of the main office of the company "MAYEKAWA of MFG Co., Ltd." and excursion across Tokyo. Registration for this training is possible in time no later than in 90 days prior to estimated day of a trip. The overall cost of a trip will be defined after the received inquiry and coordination of conditions of your trip with a host.


Mayekawa Manufacturing Company has expanded its business by focusing on freezing and compression technologies ever since its establishment in 1924. As a thermal engineering company we have long contributed to providing business solutions to our customers based on these technologies and in turn continuously evolved our technology and services. This process is indicative of our business development style whereby Mayekawa creates ‘cooperation’ based on trust with our customers to develop "Basho", Mayekawa's unique concept of problem solving in which Mayekawa engineers and our customers collaborate closely by sharing a common challenge and vision, and synthesizing knowledge without functional/organizational boundaries.

Synchronization with customers' vision is the key, and in such Mayekawa has succeeded in creating a unique market where no other competitor can enter, thus freeing competitive energies for utilization in creative initiatives. As a result of this Mayekawa-unique approach we have generated over 100 small subsidiaries in Japan and 40 extra subsidiaries overseas, all of them small enough to keep close relations with each customer. We call these small entities Doppo or Independent Units. Recently, however, we have realized that these small units alone may not satisfy the needs of a growing global market which is at the same time becoming more and more complex. Mayekawa, therefore, has decided to consolidate and reorganize the Independent Units both in Japan and abroad, based on industry sectors in order to meet the greater and deeper needs of our customers.

Mayekawa has thus expanded its capability by combining R&D and manufacturing understanding in order to cope with a wider and deeper range of problems that confront customers in the 21st century, going beyond what the Independent Units could have dealt with alone. For example in the food market, by synthesizing Mayekawa's expertise in freezing technology with the customers' existing food production process, we are now developing new food processing technologies together with customers to dramatically improve flavors, tastes, colors, and smells of the final products. Another example in the food market is robotics.

Mayekawa has been developing robotic equipment for deboning chicken, pork, and beef along with harvesting-robots for strawberries and tomatoes that enhance productivity and working conditions significantly. Furthermore, in the heat pump market Mayekawa, through its participation in the Government of Japan Program launched in the 1960s, has managed to create a heat pump that provides 150℃ hot water (steam) by adopting natural refrigerant. An absorption heat-pump, using water as a refrigerant, has also been developed to produce cold water by utilizing low-temperature waste heat of just 60℃ as a power source. Mayekawa has been active in the gas compressor market as well. We started with manufacturing of the refrigeration compressors, and then entered into the gas compressor field, developing helium and hydrogen compressors. Now we produce almost all types of gas compressors and deliver them to customers all over the world. In regards to helium compressors particularly, we have delivered our refrigerating machines to not only the Fermi Institution in the US and CERN in Europe etc. but also the Linear Motor Car Project in Japan.

Beyond the competition

Mayekawa's development of myriad unique technologies derives from our unique approach; Basho management. Mayekawa, in each case, develops together with customers where we align our vision. We can thus closely integrate and synthesize ‘sense-based tacit knowledge’ and genuine experiences of the engineers from both parties having confident relation and constructive cooperation. We are now facing an era which will require much greater and deeper solutions and development, but Mayekawa is ready to fullfill these needs. We look forward to contributing to your success in this new, increasingly complex world by developing creative solutions and building close cooperation with you.


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From large corporations to major mid-sized companies and small and medium enterprises, we provide our clients with corporate strategy consulting services covering a wide range of interrelated areas, including management strategy, marketing strategy, human resources strategy, and management systems. Registration for training is possible in time no later than in 90 days prior to estimated day of a trip. The overall cost of a trip will be defined after the received inquiry and coordination of your trip with a host.

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"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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