Strategic resources of the company

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Diploma / Certificate - Strategic resources of the company
Project / Distance Learning Format
Program Duration: 1 semester / 3 months

This course can be taken by business owners, investors and shareholders of various companies. This knowledge and these skills can be used by these groups of people to control the management and general directors of their own joint-stock companies. If the owners become strategic and operative managers of the organization, they can use these skills to determine and model its trajectory and strategy of influence on the management of the organization.

Strategic resources of the companyStrategic resources of the company

The first topic is dedicated to the company itself, its strategy, stages of development and structures. The doctoral student will select and organize formal and informal relationships, create interrelations, styles and approaches to work.

This is the topic for the experienced managers who analyze their own practice, allowing introducing their own individual experience into the text of the future dissertation as well as sharing their best practices.

Those who will dedicate their dissertation to the future practice will be able to check thoroughly and rehearse the enactment of all the necessary parameters and make adjustments to the business management model to achieve the maximum effect in the shortest time possible.

The key topic in the program is the topic on organizational competencies. In more detail - competencies of the organization are deconstructed into the competencies of concrete persons.

Managers, as they create and structure their business, work with collective and individual development dynamics and competency transformation, which in turn leads to the next cycle of root competencies and the very strategy of the organization.

Further use and improvement of individual algorithms of decision-making, correcting strategic plans and your personal vision of business development are seen as very practical instruments.

You are guaranteed to acquire this individual instrument and start using it in your further professional activities after studying the corresponding topics.

Executive Manager programs are developed for effective training of practicing professionals who already have basic knowledge in their fields. 

We recommend this program to managers and leaders in the companies of any field, entrepreneurs and business owners, specialists in corporate management, business analysts, business development and innovation development managers.


Strategic resources of the company: Certified EM Course Program

1. Everything About Organizations.

1.1. Structure of the company. Strategy and structure of the company. Stages of corporate development. Matrix structure. Network structure. Cell-type company.
1.2. Filling company’s structures. Ways of implementing the strategy. Development of informal organizations and their characteristics. Reengineering. Six Sigma Method. Work design. Role design. Management. Styles of management.
1.3. Activities of different structures. Strategy implementation as a type of activity. Issues in the practical implementation of the strategy.
1.4. Structure processes. Configuration of a strategic process. Recipe model of the strategic process.

2. Organizational Competencies.

2.1. Positioning your business. Processes of creating quality. Positioning and management of product (service) quality. Managing positioning. Meaning of positioning the company in the sector. Traditional sector model (Five Porter Forces). Analysis of unit costs and key competencies. Variability of value chains and processes of forming costs.
2.2. Root competencies in business. Composition of root competencies. Identifying root competencies. Know-how. Systems and key relationships. Internal development and borrowing (imitation) of root competencies.
2.3. Changing root competencies. Root competencies, attractiveness of the market and selection of company activity spheres. Principles of building a business portfolio. Ranging the spheres of activities and applying etalon strategies to various types of business. Determining development scenarios. Selecting development scenarios with the consideration of stakeholder influence.
2.4. About changing the strategy. Definition of strategic management. Cycle of strategic management. Strategy schools. Notions of strategy in different schools.

3. Organizational Strategies.

3.1. From a mission to politicians. Strategy, types of strategies. Defining the mission, vision and goals. Organization’s values. Vision as the picture of reality (dream). Recommendations on creating the vision. Role of values. Probable list of values usually present in successful organizations. Policy of organizations.
3.2. Analysis of the environment. Sources of information for studying the business environment. Macroenvironment. Stages in analyzing the macroenvironment.
3.3. Hierarchy of strategies. Three key strategy questions. Three strategic levels. Porter’s Generic Strategies. Business strategies. SBU product lines. Functional strategy. Hierarchy of strategies. Interrelations between strategy levels.
3.4. Stakeholders’ interests. Types of stakeholders and their main interests. Positioning of stakeholders in the company. Creating the system of stakeholder interests’ management.


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Graduates of the Executive Manager programs receive EM Diplomas & International Qualification Certificates. Executive Manager is the state-of-the-art practical short-term instructional format, which has recently become quite popular in the leading business schools of the US, Asia and the UK.


"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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