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SACM VIP Campus in Switzerland

We present the VIP Campus of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management (SACM) for corporate teams of 2-4 doctoral students-researchers, or project teams located in Montreux, Switzerland. The SACM VIP Campus is a luxury two-story residence located in the area of the observation deck, included into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most harmonious combination of the natural landscape: on the one hand, Geneva Lake (Lac Léman), like the sea that goes beyond the horizon, on the other - the majestic Alps with snow caps, and the ancient city at the foot, with the Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon).

Montreux is called the second Cote d'Azur for a long promenade with palm trees. There is also a year-round mild climate that helps create a creative mood and an ideal working environment. The SACM VIP Campus constantly accepts corporate teams from all around the world for three-week internships and for writing projects, processing research results and preparing final dissertations. All design and research work is carried out under the supervision of tutors and with the personal presence of the curator of the Academy.

What is offered to choose from within three weeks of stay?

Calm working atmosphere and maximum comfort zone for writing graduation work. This is the main campus activity. In the intervals between work sessions, optionally - recreation and tourism, organization of health promotion and rehabilitation activities, SPA procedures.

Doctoral students activity

Visiting innovative parks in Switzerland with joint work events.
Visits to the leading universities of Switzerland and their innovative laboratories.
Business communications.
Meetings with the leadership of the Swiss stock exchanges in Zurich and Bern.
Meetings with heads of leading law offices in Switzerland.
Meetings with representatives of key Swiss insurance companies.
Meetings with famous Swiss bankers.
Activities and culture program.
Three weeks stay in the Swiss Campus is included in the SACM doctoral students' VIP Contracts.
Luxury apartments, personal curator and Tesla personal car are included.
Every year, campus hosts 50 the most talented innovators and promising managers.

Opportunities that will change your destiny

The SACM VIP Campus opens its doors for students of DBA / EDBA programs, representatives of the Academy's corporate partners, for individual or group work of doctoral students on academic research and innovative projects. The Academy creates the maximum comfort zone around doctoral students. For doctoral students of the VIP Campus Academy, an optional educational module is offered optionally, which fully covers the idea of international business in the most stable country in Europe. Doctoral students will be invited to visit banks from the TOP10 world rankings, where they will consider the analysis of financial instruments for a corporation based on business lending at 0.75%-2.5% per annum for 5-15 years and the practice of lending to individuals. We will also touch upon the study of the assets monetizing practice of Western companies, their capitalization and multiplication through financial derivatives. UBS, CreditSwiss, Pictet & Cie, Julius Baer, C.I.M. banks located in Zurich, Geneva, or Bern – are among the partner banks of the program.

Doctoral students will be able to get acquainted with working methods of the Western financial and exchange business support system. Besides, we prepared the Financial and Stock Exchange Module, which includes meetings with experts and mentors. This module allows doctoral students to be involved into practical work of the EU financial system available to experienced managers with DBA / EDBA level only. Doctoral candidates will be able to visit to the Stock Exchange in Bern and Zurich. We will talk about the capitalization and monetization of securities of public and non-public companies, the work of international insurance companies with specific examples.
The innovative module of SACM VIP Campus includes visits to the innovation support institutes operating in Switzerland – Technoparks of Lausanne, Freiburg, Genève, visits to relevant government ministries of Switzerland and meetings in public business councils. We will talk about the current system of intellectual property protection in Switzerland, will hold meetings with well-known lawyers.

Depending on the direction of their activities, doctoral students can visit the Park Basel Area, not far from the Basel Cultural Center, where modern laboratories conduct research in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology (area of 5,000 square meters); Park innovAARE in Villigen in the canton of Aargau, where researchers deal with the challenges in the field of advanced materials and processes, human health, advanced technologies and energy; Park Zürich, where the main work is carried out in the field of life sciences, engineering and the environment, digital technologies and communications; Park Network West EPFL specializing in research and development in a variety of fields and Park Biel / Bienne in the town of Nidau canton of Bern, where companies are offered laboratories and training seminars, and specialists are engaged in applied research in the field of industrial technology.

Park Network West EPFL, or the Romande Innovation Park, is interesting because it has its own branches in five cantons: EPFL Innovation Park and Biopôle in Lausanne, Campus Biotech in Geneva, Energypolis in Valais, Bluefactory in Fribourg and Microcity in Neuchâtel. Doctoral students will plunge into a unique environment for the life and work of innovators, will be able to draw up their own research and prepare graduation work. Unique cultural program for recreation and leisure activities will be organized for doctoral students. Visits to the thermal springs, open and working from the time of the Roman Empire are waiting for you. You will visit the birthplace of cheese - the castle town of Gruyere, the Nestlé chocolate factory, the pharmacological production of Novartis in Basel. Doctoral students will be offered skiing and hiking tours in the Alps, visiting Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon). We chose the city of Montreux for the VIP Campus - the place that Nabokov, Stravinsky, Freddie Mercury, and many other creative people chose for their work. We have created a very special space for doctoral students to work and focus, “to hear their muse” and create the major basis, necessary for professional and personal growth, for your soul and your family.

Stay in Switzerland


The stay program assumes that a clause is registered in the Contract for the doctoral student’s education with the obligatory visit to the SACM VIP Campus in Montreux, Switzerland. Such Training Contracts are signed by the Academy only with very special persons, or corporate teams that come to us to change the world together. Doctoral students should coordinate with the administration of the Academy the arrival and departure dates not later then 3 months before program starts. The length of stay on campus can vary from one (minimum) to three (maximum) weeks (according to the doctoral students request). All this is part of our academic life, and we want to make your study with us unforgettable.

Accommodation in the VIP Campus within whole term of stay, transfer services for visiting SACM culture and education events in Switzerland, gastronomic gifts and souvenirs are included in the cost of the training contract. The cost of the internship does not include the cost of a visa, railway or air tickets, meals for the duration of the stay in the VIP Campus, transportation costs for personal purposes and any other costs for education options that are not agreed in advance. At the Geneva airport doctoral students are met by the Academy's curator on the innovative Tesla car and delivered to Montreux in an luxury two-story residence located in the elite development zone of Montreux with superb views from the windows: Alpine Mountains and Geneva Lake (Lac Léman).

Located in a ten minute walk from the center of Montreux, this spacious complex consists of 6 apartment rooms, with a total area of 200 square meters, a huge terrace, and a green, wide stretch of residential complex with a children's playground. The Academy admits the possibility of stay of doctoral students with children, if all the additional conditions of stay are met. The Academy VIP-Campus features are: the security of the entrance (lift carries you directly to the residential area); complete provision of each of the six apartment rooms with high-quality Swiss-made furniture; video and music equipment; original Murano glass chandeliers; an original round fireplace - cozy and “transparently" located in the center of the living room; a real sauna, which will allow students to relax after a ski day; jacuzzi, with multicolored lighting and the “two waters” effect, installed directly on the landscaped terrace, which will allow you to admire the enchanting landscape at any time of the year - all this gives the SACM VIP Campus a special warmth and comfort that makes it special!

All trips across Switzerland within the limits of education modules and culture actions will be carried out on the innovative car of the Tesla company.

A very special SACM Townhouse

Ground floor: Large lounge for conferences and group work, with an elegant designer fireplace, TV and BOSE music stereo; leather upholstered furniture, a large wardrobe with mirrored doors; sauna, toilet, shower; ironing room with washing machine Miele; fully equipped kitchen; dining room with a glass table and chairs for eight persons; terrace with Jacuzzi for four persons with color therapy and music, and a barbecue grill. You can optionally equip the terrace of the first floor with table tennis. Children's playground in the green area.

Second floor: Survey loggia, 1st bedroom with a view to the green area, with toilet, shower; 2nd bedroom with a mountain and the lake view, access to the loggia, with toilet and bathroom; 3rd bedroom with mountain and the lake view, access to the loggia, toilet and bathroom in the hallway; 4th bedroom with mountain and the lake view, access to the loggia, toilet and bathroom in the hallway. Each bedroom has comfortable beds, beautiful chandeliers, and wardrobes. The campus has a two-car garage and parking space for two cars. There is also an optional parking space for 4 guest cars in front of the campus.

The campus has a convenient location for recreation, for example, for visiting: Portes du Soleil, Villars, Verbier and Gstaad ski resorts. Nearby are the Aquapark, the famous Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon) and the picturesque popular lakeside Montreux promenade, with many shops and outlets. There is a famous town of cheese makers Gruyere not far from Montreux. SACM VIP Campus is a uniquely perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, remoteness from crowded places and the motorway. This is the place where research and project activities will be carried out as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

Choose a program of stay and arrange the trip

VIP Campus in Switzerland

The program of staying in Switzerland includes permanent residence in the city of Montreux and, on a choice, two of the three Major Day Trips (Directions «I», «II», «III») for a corporate team, in coordination with the sponsor of the internship - the Innovation Fund “RHR Balanced Venture Capital Investments, SA ”(Switzerland). Additional travels (Directories «A», «B», «C») will be added to the two selected Basic journeys, which will be offered to doctoral students depending on the topic of their research or the direction of their project work. The project team has the right to refuse business trips and devote the entire duration of their stay in Montreux to work on the research and recreation program, which will be offered as an additional option. A trip to Switzerland must be agreed with the administration of the Academy no later than 60 calendar days before the date of arrival in Campus.

Accommodation in Montreux

Montreux is 21 days in Campus at the foot of the Alps on the shores of Lake Geneva for registration of research and writing dissertation work, in addition, you can choose packages from three directories.

Major business trips

Directory «I» Bern

Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency, Bern
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Bern
EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Bern
Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana / SUPSI, Bern
Fachhochschule Bern / BFH, Bern
Universität Bern

Directory «II» Zurich

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Zurich
EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Цюрих
Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana / SUPSI, Zurich
Fachhochschule Zürich / ZFH, Zurich
ZFU International Business School, Zurich
University of Zurich
The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Aargau

Directory «III» Basel

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz / FHNW, Basel
Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana / SUPSI, Basel
SIX Swiss Exchange, SWX, Basel

Additional business trips

Directory «A» Lucerne

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Luzern
Fachhochschule Zentralschweiz / HSLU, Luzern
University of Lucerne

Directory «B» Lausanne

Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale / HES-SO, Lausanne
International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne
EPFL, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Directory «C» Geneva

European Organization for Nuclear Research, Genève
The Graduate Institute Teaching and Research, Geneva
Swiss Global Insurance, SGI, Geneva
Swiss Global Insurance, SGI, Geneva
Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA, Geneva

Registration Form for Corporate Team


Corporate Team Information
Desired non-standard internship dates
The conditions of stay on Internship
Additional Features


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